• Solarblume © Houdek
  • Bienen © Raimo Rudi Rumpler
  • Weingartenbegrünung © Weingut Cobenzl

Sustainable cultivation

Bio SiegelSustainable cultivation has been at the centre of agriculture and, in particular, viticulture for many years. The Cobenzl vineyard has been certified organic, and wines from the 2023 vintage are allowed to carry the organic quality seal.


Sustainable plant and climate protection

The Winery Cobenzl Vienna employs organic pest control. The European grape berry moth, for example, is one of the most common insect pests of grapes. We do, however, not use conventional insecticides but pheromone traps to prevent moths naturally and efficiently.

Since 2007, the Winery Cobenzl Vienna has produced its own energy with a photovoltaic system covering a roof area of 304m2. This type of green electricity from the roofs of the winery reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80 tonnes per year. The winery also boasts a solar thermal system covering an area of 18m2 to heat water in an environmentally-friendly way. The system produces about 9,500 kWh of hot water per year.