Shipping and delivery

We recommend you to place an order that can be divided by three as we sell our wine in boxes of 3, 6, 12 or 18 bottles and calculate the shipping rates per box.

Shipping and delivery in Vienna

Shipping is free on orders over €70 and we deliver your order within a week. For orders below €70, shipping rates are €10. We accept payment in cash, via ATM card (mobile device) and by credit card.

Shipping and delivery in Austria

For shipping in Austria, we apply DPD shipping rates of € 7.00 per box of 3 bottles, € 7.50 per box of 6 bottles, € 10.00 per box of 12 bottles and € 14.00 per box of 18 bottles. For orders over €150, we apply half the shipping rates.

Shipping and delivery in the EU

Please check our overview of shipping rates to find out more about our shipping rates for deliveries in the European Union.

Our General Terms and Conditions apply.